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Constitutions, By-Laws, Charters & Additional

IOC Documents

		0KB PDF Olympic Charter 2 August 2015 ReadSpeaker

		0KB PDF IOC Code of Ethics 18 August 2015 ReadSpeaker

AOC Documents

		0KB PDF AOC Constitution 7 May 2016 ReadSpeaker

		0KB PDF AOC Code of Conduct 19 March 2015 ReadSpeaker

		0KB PDF AOC Privacy Policy 6 August 2015 ReadSpeaker

		0KB PDF AOC Sustainability Policy 20 November 2015 ReadSpeaker

AOC Funding Programs

Olympic Team Selection

Rio 2016 Team

Alcohol Position Statement

AOC High Peformance Plan

AOC Cooperation Agreements

Statutory Declaration Re: Anti-Doping Matters

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More Documents

For more documents including AOC Annual Reports and Financial Statements including those related to the Australian Olympic Foundation click here>>>