Tennis appeared on the Olympic program in Athens 1896 and remained until Paris 1924. Due to difficulties in solving the amateur-professional divide, the sport disappeared until Seoul 1988. Its return to the Olympic fold was heralded when it appeared as a demonstration sport four years earlier in Los Angeles.

The first female Olympic champion at the modern Olympics was Charlotte Cooper, who won the women’s singles at Paris 1900. Steffi Graf of West Germany won the women’s singles title in 1988, when tennis returned to the Olympics - adding to her successes in the Grand Slam titles of that year (Australian, French, Wimbledon and US).

Mixed doubles was added to the Olympic program for London 2012.

Sport Format

The tennis competition at the Olympic Games involves single-elimination tournaments for each of the five events. All matches are played to tie-break sets except for the final set of the match. All matches are best-of-three sets, except for the men's singles and doubles finals, which will be best-of-five.

In all events, the semi-final winners play to decide the gold and silver medals, and the semi-final losers play for the bronze.