The sport of canoe/kayak was a demonstration sport at Paris 1924. Flatwater canoeing made its debut as a full Olympic sport in Berlin in 1936. Women paddlers first competed at London 1948.

Slalom events first appeared in Munich in 1972 and then not again until Barcelona 1992, where it was held on a specially built artificial course. It has been on the program ever since and continues to be one of the spectacles of the Games.

For London 2012, flatwater has changed its name to sprint, the women’s K1 200m event has been added and men’s C2 500m removed. The remaining three men’s 500m sprint events changed to a 200m distance.

Sport Format

There are two different types of craft: canoes and kayaks. The key differences are the position of the paddler, the type of paddle used and the style of boat.

Canoes are paddled from a kneeling position with a single bladed paddle. The craft carry one (C1) or two (C2) athletes and the events are open to men only. Sprint racing canoes are open-deck craft; slalom canoes are closed.

Kayaks are closed and paddled from a sitting position. In sprint racing they are controlled by a mechanism controlled by the feet. The paddle has a blade at both ends. Slalom kayaks have a single paddler; sprint kayaks have one (K1), two (K2) or four (K4) paddlers. Kayaks are raced by men and women.