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Pierre de Coubertin Awards and Olympic Academy

The 2017 Pierre de Coubertin awards are now open.
This years Awards Ceremony and Olympic Academy will be held on Friday 23 June, 2017. Award nominations are accepted all year around but to attend the awards ceremony, we ask teachers to submit nominations before Tuesday 23 May. Click here to nominate a student for this prestigious award.

Teacher's and Sport Administrator's are also invited to take part in an exclusive Academy. For more details contact the VOC on 9427 0700 or email voc@olympics.com.au.

What are the Pierre de Coubertin Awards?

The Pierre de Coubertin Awards are named after the founder of the modern Olympic Games and take place on an annual basis to recognise senior secondary students who demonstrate attributes consistent with Olympism through participation and commendable behaviour in sporting activities.

All secondary government and non government schools are invited to nominate one recipient from year 10, 11 or 12 for the Pierre de Coubertin Award each year. Each nominee must participate actively in the school's physical education program with a consistently positive attitude and must have represented the school in a sport.

A piece of original art or literary work (for example: essay, poetry, sculpture, paintings etc) which demonstrates the student’s appreciation and understanding of the Olympic Movement must also be submitted.


At some stage throughout their schooling, the selected student must:

  • Be enrolled in years 10, 11 or 12 and not have received the Award on a previous occasion.
  • Have participated actively in the school physical education program with a consistently positive attitude.
  • Demonstrate the attributes consistent with the fundamental aims of the Olympic movement, and
  • Submit a digital media, literacy or artistic piece that depicts an appreciation of Olympism in response to this year’s theme: “What Rio 2016 Olympic Games moment has had an impact on you?”
    A digital media, literary or artistic piece related to the theme must accompany the nomination form otherwise it will be deemed invalid. All pieces submitted remain the property of the VOC and where appropriate may be used in official publications.
    Please note:
    - Literary pieces must be a MAXIMUM of 300 words (typed) in length.
    - Artistic pieces must be within the confines of 64x45cm or equivalent in 3D. An artistic piece could refer to, but is not limited to, a painting, collage or framed piece.
    - Digital Media pieces refer to audio, video, and photo content that has been encoded (digitally compressed) i.e. converting audio and video input into a digital media file such as a Windows Media file. A digital media piece could refer to, but is not limited to, a musical recording, videography or PowerPoint presentation which is a MAXIMUM of 3min.

At some stage throughout years 7-12, the selected student must have:

  • Represented the school in at least one sport on the current Olympic program and
  • Participated in at least two other sports (individual or team).
    PdC Award Recipients 2016

2016 Pierre de Coubertin Awards and Olympic Academy

On International Olympic Day, 191 Victorian students were acknowledged with the prestigious Pierre de Coubertin award…

MELBOURNE, JULY 29 – Up to 190 (140 in attendance) Senior Secondary School students and State Sport Association members were honoured at the annual Pierre de Coubertin Awards ceremony on Thursday 23rd June 2016, also International Olympic Day. This year’s awards ceremony returned to the Melbourne Cricket Ground a fitting venue as we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Melbourne 1956 Olympic Games. The awards are funded by the Department of Education & Training and delivered by the Victorian Olympic Council.

Named after the founder of the Modern Olympic Games, the Pierre de Coubertin Award recognised students who demonstrated academic excellence and sporting prowess whilst exemplifying the Olympic values. This year’s awards were expanded to recognise representatives from our Sate Sporting Associations (SSA). We acknowledge the folllowing SSAs for nominating an award recipient for this years inaugural award.

  •          Canoeing Victoria
  •          Cycling Victoria
  •          Golf Victoria
  •          Hockey Victoria
  •          Ice Racing Victoria
  •          Swimming Victoria
  •          Table Tennis Victoria
  •          Triathlon Victoria
  •          Yachting Victoria

Each award recipient must participate in sport and display the Olympic values, in particular good sportsmanship. As part of the nomination, each student submitted a literary, artistic or digital media piece to this year’s theme: How Sport has changed your life or your community.

Most Outstanidng Artistic Piece

This Most Outstanding Artistic Piece was awarded to Joshua Galland from Yachting Victoria, the Most Outstanding Literacy Piece was awarded to Bianca Hansen from Ringwood Secondary College and the Most Outstanding Digital Piece was awarded to Kristsanachai Thakhamfu from Doncaster Secondary College.

Most Oustanding Digital Media Piece

Melbourne’s own Nicole Livingstone OAM emceed the awards ceremony with guest speaker dual Bronze Medallist Loudy Wiggins also assisted with presenting students their awards.

A further 92 School and Sport leaders participated in an Olympic Academy preceding the awards ceremony where nine Victorian Olympians including selected Rio 2016 Australian Olympic Team Member Carmen Marton, shared their Olympic stories and inspired students to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The academy was an opportunity for Pierre de Coubertin recipients and sport leaders to interact with Olympians, and gain some insight to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games that commence in 37 days, as well as learn about the a.s.p.i.r.e Olympic values. 

Carmen and Nicole

This year for the first time, the Victorian Olympic Council joined forces with Red Dust to present a unique opportunity for SSAs. Red Dust is a health promotion organisation that delivers innovative programs in partnership with remote communities. The Healthy Living Program encourages Indigenous youth to learn more about health and inspire them to live a healthy lifestyle. Each SSA was invited to nominate their award recipient to attend a Red Dust camp in 2016. The Red Dust Award recipient and program attendee was Linley Ooi from Golf Victoria.  

Red Dust Recipient



  • Nicole Livingstone OAM - 1988, 1992, 1994 Swimming Silver and Dual Bronze Medallist
  • Tamsin Hinchley - 2000, 2008, 2012 Volleyball and Beach Volleyball
  • Pam Kilborn-Ryan AM MBE - 1964, 1968, 1972 Athletics Silver and Bronze Medallist
  • Carmen Marton - 2008, 2012, 2016 Taekwondo
  • Stephanie Moorhouse - 2004 Gymnastics
  • Rayoni Nelson - 2000 Badminton
  • Monette Russo - 2004 Gymnastics
  • Trevor Vincent OAM - 1964 Athletics
  • Loudy Wiggins - 1996, 2000, 2004, 2012 Diving Dual Bronze Medallist
  • Sean Wroe - 2008 Athletics 

 Click on the PDF file below to download this years citations.

Nominations for the 2016 Pierre de Coubertin Award are open and will stay open all year round... 

Follow these 4 steps to nominate a year 10, 11 or 12 student to receive the Award.

  1. Visit the Olympic Education website http://education.olympics.com.au/
  2. Sign up (click on the link in the top right corner).
  3. Once you have signed up; login and select Award Nomination. 
  4. Enter all details and press SUBMIT (an acknowledgment screen will appear once submitted).
    You will receive an automatic reply email with two attachments. If you don’t receive this email please contact the VOC via email or phone.

We look forward to receiving your nomination.


2015 International Pierre de Coubertin Youth Forum - Slovakia

The International Pierre de Coubertin Committee (CIPC) invited the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) to once again send a delegation of eight Australian students to the 10th International Youth Forum in 2015, held in Piešťany (Slovakia).

The AOC selects eight students to attend from recipients of the 2014 and 2015 Pierre de Coubertin Award in each State/Territory between the ages of 16 to 18 years. Students selected are involved in the Forum program organising sports events, leading discussion groups and coordinating group activities as well as participating for the Coubertin Award. Nominations for the 2017 program will open in March 2017.


Who is Baron Pierre de Coubertin?

Baron Pierre de Coubertin was born in Paris in 1863 and was an active sportsman involved in fencing, rowing and cycling. His visits to British public schools resulted in a lifelong interest in trying to get the heavily academic French schools to take up more sports-oriented curricula.

As an educational theorist, de Coubertin was convinced of the importance of sport for the development of the individual. He believed that the qualities of initiative, teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play should be encouraged in young people who participated in sports and competitive games.

His definition of Olympism had four principles that were far from a simple sports competition:

  • To be a religion i.e. to "adhere to an ideal of a higher life, to strive for perfection"
  • To represent an elite "whose origins are completely egalitarian" and at the same time "chivalry" with its moral qualities
  • To create a truce "a four-yearly festival of the springtime of mankind"
  • To glorify beauty by the "involvement of the philosophic arts in the Games"

It is clear that the concept of the Olympic Games is far from a simple sports competition.