Team Leaders introduced for Rio 2016

30 April 2014

AOC: In a new move, Team Leaders have been appointed to the Australian Olympic Team for the 2016 Rio Games to boost performance and enforce the culture and values of the Olympic Movement. 

The Chef de Mission of the 2016 Australian Olympic Team, Kitty Chiller, announced the first in a series of appointments at a Campaign Rio forum in Sydney Wednesday. 

“The AOC is fortunate to have people of their calibre to fill this critical role in Rio,” Chiller said. “They will help mould the Team and implement a strong culture amongst our expected 450 plus athletes”. 

The appointed Team Leaders are: 

Michael Scott –                Swimming
Simon Nathan –               Track & Field
Chris O’Brien –                Rowing
Richard Fox –                  Canoe
Tim Mahon –                   Shooting
Chris Webb –                   Equestrian
Adam Sachs –                  Gymnastics
Graeme Rose –                Diving
Bernard Savage –             Triathlon
Peter Conde-                   Sailing

Between them they have leadership experience at 21 Olympic Games.

Simon Nathan has experience at multiple Olympic Games, World Championships and Commonwealth Games. He has worked at 40 major athletics championships both indoors and outdoors and is looking forwards to using this wealth of knowledge to contribute to an outstanding result for Australia in Rio.

“I’m honoured to have been appointed to the role for the 2016 Games. I’m looking forward to working closely with the AOC to ensure that we punch above our weight in Rio,” Nathan said.

Peter Conde, High Performance Director of Yachting Australia said "It is a great privilege to be appointed as Sailing Team Leader. Being involved in the London Olympics was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I look forward to the Rio challenge. It was also the most emotionally taxing is a heavy Team Leader responsibility to provide the absolute best possible environment for athletes to achieve their full potential, at a specific point, once in a four-year cycle".

Traditionally the different sports have been led by a Section Manager but Team Leaders will take on much broader responsibilities including strategic planning, preparation and performance within their designated sports.

“They will also instil in the athletes Team values and a standard of behaviour that is expected from all Olympians,” Chiller said. 

Australia has again set a target of a top five finish on the gold and overall medal tally in Rio. 

“Striving for success is part of an elite athlete’s DNA, we have no qualms about aiming for the top five,” she said. 

Australia’s medal tally has been in decline since the home Games in Sydney 2000, 58 medals including 16 gold and Athens 2004, 50 medals including a record 17 gold. 

The table is as follows: 

Sydney                 58 medals  -        4th place gold
Athens                  50                      4th
Beijing                  46                      6th
London                 35                      10th 

“We are a long way out from Rio but the results are very encouraging and we are confident of stopping the slide,” Chiller said. 

The announcement of the Team Leaders was made on day 3 of a Campaign Rio forum in Sydney. Campaign Rio is a partnership involving the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) and the Australian Paralympic Committee (APC). Their aim is to be the “Best Planned, Best Prepared and Best Performed” at the Olympics and Paralympics in 2016.

Campaign Rio is built around five themes, Leadership, Planning & Execution, Location Specific, Culture & Values and Performance Excellence. 

For the Olympics, Kitty Chiller as Chef is responsible for overall Team leadership. As Deputy Chefs de Mission Matt Favier handles Performance Excellence, Julien Prosser, Culture & Values, Chris Fydler, Location Specific, and Craig Phillips, Planning & Execution.  

Team Leaders for the remaining sports will be appointed throughout 2014.


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