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Statistics highlight the value of sport

25 October 2013

The size and significance of sport to Australians and the national economy was reinforced today with the release of data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). 

Australian Sports Commission CEO Simon Hollingsworth welcomed the Value of Sport, Australia, 2013 (cat no. 4156.0.55.002) report published by the ABS which quantified the economic impact of the sport sector and the number of people involved in sport.

“This data shows the economic importance of sport for Australia, which are in addition to the well-known health and social benefits,” he said.

“This report is an insightful and useful analysis of the economics of Australia’s sporting sector, which notably includes a sizeable export component.”

ABS data released today showed the sport and recreation industries generated $12.8 billion in income and employed about 134,000 Australians in 2011-12. 

The data also highlighted the fact that the sport and recreation sector has the nation’s highest volunteer base with some 2.3 million people volunteering. 

“Our national sporting organisations assist in providing a platform for the 3.8 million Australians involved each year in organised sport around the country,” Hollingsworth said. 

“The many thousands of sporting contests which take place around Australia each week are dependent on the passion and commitment of the people who volunteer. 

“This report serves to remind us of how important sport is to millions of Australians.” 

To view the full report Value of Sport

Australian Sports Commission

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