Olympian visits Killara Public School

21 October 2013

Never give up, never stop believing in yourself and your dreams, that’s what two time winter Olympian Hannah Campbell Pegg told us kids at Killara Public School.

We were so thrilled to have a sporting champion like Hannah present the prizes at our winter sport assembly.

To think someone who used to walk their dog at our school when she was our age – and went to high school just up the hill – made to the Olympics is pure inspiration.

We loved learning about how Hannah became involved in the luge; how she represented Australia at the Games and how fast she speeds down the ice track on her back.

She is a speed demon!

Hannah showed us anyone could be the best at their sport – or whatever goal they chose – if they put their heart and total commitment into it.

We are so thankful Hannah came to our school – she is our favourite Olympian!

Thank you Hannah.

Molly Dixon, school captain, Killara Public School.