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Nothing Little about throwing for Australia

18 January 2013

ATHLETICS: The stadiums and the fields are the same but Sydney teenager Mackenzie Little has never seen so much excitement at Olympic Park.

The bubbly 16-year-old may use the athletics venue during the year, but being in the Australian Youth Olympic Festival (AYOF) will be a whole new experience.

“I train and compete here all the time, but it’s really different to actually having a huge international competition here,” Little said.

“It’s my first time representing Australia and it’s a really big deal.

“After the opening ceremony I realised how exciting the whole festival really is.”

Taking part for the first time against international opponents Little is amazed by the nature of the competition.

“It’s so cool how we can be on the other side of the world and be doing exactly the same thing.”

The year 10 student is trained by leading Australian javelin thrower Annie Davies.

“Training with Annie is amazing, she really gets it all, and she makes sure that I’m not injuring myself by doing it too hard,” Little said.

Minnesota, USA born, she began her javelin career unconventionally.

“A friend and I were doing a school hurdles session and it was called off because it was raining.”

“My friend’s sister was doing Javelin with Annie and so we went and did a session with them and Annie said I should come back. And I did.”

With a personal best of 56.68m Little’s main rival will be Quyan Kang from China with the two facing off in the heat on Friday afternoon.

While her career may have started by accident, Little’s Olympic career has just begun.

Annie Kearney

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