Intensive Rehab Time: Lauren's Blog

23 April 2013

BLOG: Since my accident in Czech Republic 5 weeks ago (where I broke my foot - 5th metatarsal) I have arrived back home in Melbourne and started my intensive rehab program. 

It’s been great to catch up with all my friends and family but I am beginning to get a bit bored and frustrated since I can’t drive or work. Rehab has definitely been keeping me busy though. I am currently doing sessions at Aami Park with my strength and conditioning coaches and sessions at Lillydale Squash and Recreation Centre with my rehabilitation coach. 

I am due for another X-ray on the 29th at the 6 week mark. I am praying I will get the all clear to start walking again! For now I have started getting the range back in my toes and ankle and the swelling has gone down a lot. Yesterday I was even able to stand on two feet in the pool (hanging onto the hand rail though).

It’s been great to be home but I’m already itching to get the ok to snowboard and take off again to start more training. 

Thanks for all the ‘get well’ wishes.

Lauren :)