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Great Britain and New Zealand jump for joy

19 January 2013

GYMNASTICS: Great Britain’s male gymnasts had a golden evening in the synchronised trampoline.

Unlike the format of the individual trampoline event, Harry Newbold-Cozens and Joshua Newman only had one opportunity to perform their winning routine, finishing with an impressive overall score of 45.400.

Their beautifully co-ordinated jumps and neatly handled landing resulted in a gold medal performance, beating the Australia Blue duo Aidan Collins and Dominic Clarke (44.100) and the Australia Green pair Joshua Ibrahim and Lachlan Banham (41.900) who recovered after falling out of unison mid-way through their routine.

Team GB proved to have strong support in the crowd, with the boys admitting the atmosphere of the Australian Youth Olympic Festival definitely helped them perform as well as they did.

“We had very good form today, and we can only get better,” Newbold-Cozens said.

The 14-year-olds believe their harmonisation is one of their greatest strengths despite Newman being on the shorter side of his partner admitting that he “hopes to grow a bit”.

In the women’s event, New Zealand’s Alexa Kennedy and Lizzie Stevenson narrowly won gold (43.600) finishing just above Great Britain’s Isabelle Songhurst and Megan Pettit (43.200), with Australia Green’s Jayden Cooney and Kira Ward taking bronze with a score of 42.500.

China didn't enter anyone in either of these events.

Brittany Lane

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