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Gaudry to test new routines at National Gymnastic Champs

28 April 2017

GYMNASTICS: Gymnastics Australia had a chat to one of Australia’s most prominent Trampoline athletes, Blake Gaudry, ahead of the Australian Gymnastics Championships in Melbourne next month.

Gaudry told Gymnastics Australia he’s in a more relaxed frame of mind this year, with the pressure of Olympic selection behind him and the new Code of Points now in play, the 2017 Australian Gymnastics Championships will be a time for him to try out some new routines in competition.

The seven-time National Champion has been a prominent figure in the sport in Australia for several years now, and credits his success to long time coaches Viktor and Nikolay Zhuravlev, who formulate and tailor a specific plan that enables Blake to put in 100% in both training and competition.

Very few people get the chance to represent their country at one Olympic Games, let alone two. Blake described the experience as amazing, regardless of the result he was striving for, with the Opening Ceremony a particular highlight for the South Australian.

The honour of representing Australia twice was a big motivation; the experience of walking into a stadium to be surrounded by deafening screams of the crowd was something that Blake wanted to immerse himself in after the London Olympics in 2012.

Most athletes would consider their options after going to two Olympic Games, but Gaudry still thinks about what’s next, and after taking some time off following Rio to nurse a few injuries, Blake has no plans to step away from the sport, and believes he can continue to give more in the near future.

Trampolining has allowed Blake to travel the world and make new friends doing a sport which he loves. Blake has learnt some valuable life skills and experiences as an elite athlete, which will put him in good stead to face other challenges which lay ahead, both in and out of the sporting arena.

After first being introduced to Gymnastics, Blake quickly found his groove on the Trampoline, and knew straight away it was what he wanted to pursue. His love of jumping has ensured that any decisions along his journey have been a choice, and not a sacrifice.

Outside of competing, Blake completed his Master of Architecture at the end of 2015, which allowed him to fully focus on his training and preparations throughout 2016. Currently he’s working full time together with training, which means spare time is in short supply.

Since coming back from Rio, a typical day for Blake now starts with an early breakfast, before working from 8am to 4.30pm. He then trains from 6 to 8pm, which includes some strength and conditioning work, before heading home for dinner and sleep.

Gaudry highlights that any young Trampoline athletes wanting to be successful need to work hard, be optimistic, positively re-enforce their objectives, and to remember that whatever happens along the way is “part of the process and a learning opportunity”.

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