Coates on the Bluestone Review into Swimming Australia

19 February 2013

AOC: President John Coates made the following statement on the Bluestone Review into the Culture and Leadership of Swimming Australia.

Coates is in Rio de Janeiro where he is on a planning visit as part of the IOC Coordination Commission for the 2016 Games:-

Bluestone has conducted a thorough investigation on the instructions of Swimming Australia Limited (SAL) which is a true indication of how serious SAL is taking this matter.

SAL has indicated they will investigate the possible misuse of prescription drugs including stilnox by members of the Swim Team. The use of those drugs being a breach of Team policy.

The AOC will await the outcome of this investigation.

If the claims are substantiated and the individuals involved are identified, the AOC will consider their conduct in the context of their Olympic Team Membership Agreement and consider sanctions.

Prior to the London 2012 Olympic Games the AOC banned the use of stilnox and other hypnotic medications and expected all Team members to comply to those changes to the Team Agreement and the AOC’s Ethical Behaviour rules.