BLOG: Another tough day at the office for Jenny Owens

13 March 2013

BLOG: World Champs came and went… I gave it my best, but unfortunately my day just went from average to worse!

I have been in hiding for the past month or so from blogging and social media trying to focus on me and keep the pressure down. Now that all the main events are over, I thought it was a good time to update you all on how things went.

I folded under pressure. It is clear that performance pressure and I just do not mix! I was under a lot of pressure to perform last year and that didn’t turn out well, breaking me down and not wanting to finish the season. I am back in the same boat after a terrible season so far and am looking forward to getting home and forgetting about this past four months.

The harder I tried to refresh and start my day again, the worse it got! Not only did I crash walking from the car, going into the lift line and also on my only training run before qualification started, in my qualifying run I made mistake after mistake after mistake finishing a terrible and disappointing 27th.

In the heats, I had the last pick of the start gate which was very disappointing and I knew I didn’t have much of a chance to get in front, but I knew I could manage third out of the start, second if I was lucky. I just hoped that I would be able to make a passes on the way down.

I tried my hardest and as I predicted, fell into third after the start section. I tried to make passes the whole way down but the course was just too fast for passing. Still trying to make a pass and lay it on the line, I got a little twisted and compressed just before the last jump and launched off the jump sideways, flying a good 10-15 meters before falling from about 4-5 meters high onto very hard flat snow/ice on my hip! Yes, ouch once again!

All good though, no broken bones, just a very swollen, bruised bottom for a while making it hard to walk, bend down, sleep etc!

That is two big crashes in three weeks. My body and mental state have had enough. It’s been one thing after another this year and I just haven’t been able to pull it back together.

We have just arrived in Åre, Sweden for the next two World Cups. Yesterday I wasn’t so keen on competing but today I’m feeling a bit better so I will see how I feel in a few days. My goal here will be just to have fun and not focus on any performance, just enjoy the sport that I train so hard for :-)

After that, it is home to rest up, move on from this season and plan for a better last year, next year!

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