Basketball venue changed

19 January 2013

BASKETBALL VENUE ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to inclement weather the final day of 3v3 Basketball action has had to be been moved from Darling Harbour.

Today (Saturday) the basketball will be held indoors at the Sydney Boys High School Gymnasium on Cleveland St, Surry Hills.

To find the exact location click here >>

The schedule of play is as follows:

Court (1) and (2)
9am (1) Men AUS Gold v GB (2) Women GB v Guam
9:20am (1) Men AUS Green v NZ (2) Women Indonesia v AUS Gold
9:40am (1) Men Indonesia v Guam (2) Women China v AUS Green
10:00am (1) Men China v AUS Gold (2) Women Guam v NZ
10:20am (1) Men AUS Green v China (2) Women GB v Indonesia
10:40am (1) Men GB v NZ (2) Women NZ v AUS Gold
11:00am (1) Men Indonesia v AUS Gold (2) Women Guam v China

11:40am (1) Men Guam v GB (2) Women AUS Gold v AUS Green
12:00pm (1) Men NZ v Indonesia (2) China v GB
12:20pm (2) Women Indonesia v NZ

1:20pm (1) Men 5th v 6th (2) Women 5th v 6th
1:40pm (1) Women SF 3rd v 2nd
2:00pm (1) Women SF 4th v 1st
2:20pm (1) Men 6th v 7th (2) Women 6th v 7th
2:40pm (1) Men SF 3rd v 2nd
3:00pm (1) Men SF 4th v 1st
3:20pm (1) Men 7th v 5th (2) Women 7th v 5th
3:40pm (1) Women Bronze Medal Game
4:00pm (1) Men Bronze Medal Game
4:20pm (1) Women Gold Medal Game
4:40pm (1) Men Gold Medal Game