Australia and South Africa top pool phase

18 January 2013

RUGBY SEVENS: Sweltering conditions at St Ignatius College on Friday didn’t stop an amazing display of skills by all players across the men and women’s draw, as fast paced, exciting sevens rugby was in full show.

The Australian side dominated the women’s competition and as a result they went through the day undefeated.

As a reward they will progress straight into the semi-finals and will play the highest placed loser in that match.

The first round of finals will consist of China (2nd) v Tonga (5th) and Japan (3rd) v South Africa (4th).

On the men’s side of the draw, South Africa won the final match of the day against Australia, 30-12, meaning they finish on top of the draw and will get a free pass straight in to the semi-finals.

Australia (2nd) will face off against China (5th), while Tonga (3rd) will play Japan (4th).

Finals kick off Saturday from 1:30pm and the playoffs for medals are scheduled to start from 5:10pm.

Toby Plowman

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