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AOC Organisational Restructure and Mr Mike Tancred

14 September 2017

AOC: The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) announced today the first stage of an organisational restructure.

CEO Matt Carroll said, “Since I started, I have been evaluating the organisational structure of the AOC to ensure it is fit for purpose, particularly given the increase in the number of Games we will be sending Australian teams to and the adoption of new objectives for the AOC, particularly in promoting sport in the community.

“In light of the broadening of our operations and responsibilities and taking into account the recommendations of The Ethics Centre Review of AOC culture, I have created two new positions. Head of People and Culture who with me will have carriage of implementing the Review’s recommendations and importantly to manage our athlete centred programs such as Athlete Transition.

“The second position, Head of Public Affairs and Communications will have a strong focus on the development of strategy to influence public policy, build and maintain the image and reputation of the AOC and to find common ground with our many stakeholders.”

As a consequence of this organisational restructure, AOC Director of Media and Communications, Mr Mike Tancred will leave the AOC on 13 September 2017 - after eighteen years of service to the AOC and the Olympic movement.

Mr Tancred leaves the AOC after the Independent Committee of the AOC Executive, constituted:

(1)          in the case of the alleged bullying and other complaints made by former Chief Executive Officer, Ms Fiona de Jong against Mr Tancred, by the Honourable Ian Callinan, AC, a former High Court Judge, the Honourable Susan Crennan AC, QC, also a former High Court Judge and the Honourable Greg James, AM, QC, a former NSW Supreme Court Judge, determined that Mr Tancred had engaged in disreputable conduct in breach of the AOC By Law and he be severely reprimanded for his conduct.  Mr Tancred publicly apologised to Ms de Jong.

(2)          in the case of the alleged bullying and other complaints by three other former staff members and one member of the public against Mr Tancred, by the Honourable Ian Callinan AC and the Honourable Greg James AM, QC, determined that none of the complaints has been made out on an objective basis.

The Independent Committee in their determinations and final report to the AOC Executive concluded:

“We have no doubt that some of the matters have been given emphasis, sometimes undue or excessive emphasis, by reason of and during the course of an election for the office of President of the AOC involving a challenge to the current President who has been in that role for many years.

“The election attracted a great deal of publicity.  Each of Mr Coates and his challenger had his and her supporters, including prominent columnists and commentators in the print and electronic media…it seems to us that in some respects Mr Tancred was a casualty of the crossfire between the respective camps.

“At the same time as we have been making our determinations, The Ethics Centre has been undertaking a review commissioned by the AOC of the experience and perceptions of staff and other stakeholders to assess the current state of AOC’s culture and its alignment to the organisation’s Ethical Framework, ‘its purpose, value and principles’.   ……… its process was understandably quite different from ours and did not involve, not that we would suggest that it should have, testing of complaints and grievances of those to and with whom the authors of the report spoke and corresponded.  We have, with respect, found the report, although not directly relevant to our tasks, of assistance”.

“What is interesting and particularly relevant to our conclusions is that The Ethics Centre did not find bullying was a problem at the AOC”.

The AOC President, John Coates, thanked Mike Tancred for 18 years of loyal service which included 10 Olympic Games, Summer and Winter, starting with Sydney 2000.

"Mike has worked tirelessly for the AOC and the athletes in the Australian Olympic Team since 1999.  He has strived to build and protect the Olympic brand particularly through his leadership and development of the AOC website and Education Program.

“He understands that National Olympic Committees must preserve their independence and autonomy and was never backward in supporting me publicly to ensure our politicians and others are aware of this essential requirement for recognition by the IOC.

"He has represented 205 National Olympic Committees throughout the world on the IOC Press Commission.”

Mr Tancred thanked the Independent Committee members – The Hon Ian Callinan AC,

Ms Susan Crennan AC, QC and Mr Greg James AM QC for their fairness in their determinations. 

Mr Tancred wished Australia’s Olympic Teams, AOC management and staff continued success in the future.

CEO Matt Carroll said “On behalf of the Executive and staff I thank Mike for his contribution over many years in bringing his experience and knowledge to the management of the AOC’s media operations and we wish Mike all the best for the future”.


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