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AOC commits to implementing recommendations on Independent Cultural Review

24 August 2017

The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) has committed to implementing all 17 recommendations of the Independent Cultural Review conducted by The Ethics Centre into the workplace culture of the AOC. The Review is a comprehensive 64 page document based on the experiences and perceptions of staff and stakeholders to frame and assess the AOC’s Ethical Framework.

In publicly tabling the Review today, AOC Chief Executive Matt Carroll said “This Review provides us with the platform to reset the organisation. The AOC’s modes of operation that may at one time have served us well are being questioned and our organisational culture has come under scrutiny. The AOC Executive acknowledges the reality of the challenge we face in this area and we are committed to build a culture that is fit for purpose and aligned to our exposed values and principles.

“The Review is robust in its observations and direct in its recommendations. The Review poses challenges to the AOC Executive, Senior Management and staff. Challenges that the President and I are firmly committed to meeting. To this end, the Executive has resolved to implement all 17 of the Review’s recommendations and has directed that the Review be made publicly available via the AOC website.

“The Executive acknowledges to staff and stakeholders that there have been behaviours and practices that have not been aligned to the AOC’s values. I have a very strong view that you lead by the example you set. Not words, actions.”

The AOC will be actioning three recommendations immediately;

• A review of our governance model to ensure it is fit for purpose;

• Establishing a sub-committee of the Executive to actively monitor the delivery of the recommendations and on-going oversight of a culture plan;

• Appoint a dedicated People and Culture resource reporting to the CEO responsible for implementing the recommendations and in a broader and important role overseeing responsibilities to athletes and athlete centred programs such as Transition.

Carroll, who started in his role as CEO in May, believes the AOC has a strong foundation in place that can help build a united culture moving forward.

“Importantly the Review found a large measure of cautious optimism about the organisation and its future culture. We have passionate and dedicated staff working together to support our athletes, sports and Olympic Teams. This gives me strong belief in the possibilities to be unlocked through a renewal of our leadership model and making a commitment to strive to make the AOC the best of its kind.

“In what is an exciting time for the AOC, the organisation will be in charge of eight teams over the next five years which will require significant structural changes.”

Simon Longstaff, Executive Director of The Ethics Centre, recognised the AOC’s commitment and transparency to making improvements in the organisation’s culture.

“The Ethics Centre wishes to acknowledge the assistance of the AOC in the production of this report; not least the courage of the AOC’s Executive, its President and CEO for their commitment to understanding and improving their organisational culture.”

The report can be read in full here>>>


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