Propaganda - The Games


The Berlin Olympics in 1936 were the XI Olympiad and Berlin’s first Olympic Games.

Hitler and Nazi ways

The Nazi salutes and heils caused problems for many teams. How did the Australians deal with this issue?

Olympic Preparations

Investigate the venues, the Olympic Stadium and the first Torch relay. 

The Berlin Olympic Opening Ceremony

The Olympic Opening Ceremony was a spectacle which reflected the whole organization of the Berlin Olympics. Consider the key features. 

The New Media –Television

Investigate the first use of television at a sporting event. 

Jessie Owens

Jessie Owens was the most significant Olympian at the Berlin Olympic Games for reasons more than his outstanding competition performances. And Australian Olympians were eye-witnesses to some of these controversies. Investigate Jessie Owens and Hitler, Jessie Owens and Luz Long, the US relay team controversy. 


Explore the types of propaganda of the Berlin Olympics 1936. The Hindenburg and Reni Riefenstahl and Olympia.

Germany preparing for war

What evidence was apparent that Germany was preparing for war?

1936 Berlin Olympic Stadium

1936 Berlin Olympics


Look at the video overview (7 min 36 sec,)

Official Games Report:

Learners have the opportunity to:

  • Investigate Berlin’s preparations for the Olympic Games, such as the venues.
  • Briefly consider how the competitors had to deal with Hitler and Nazi ways, such as the Nazi salute and greetings.
  • Investigate and describe the Olympic Opening Ceremony.
  • Examine the role of television and propaganda at the Games.
  • Investigate the myth and reality of controversies associated with Jessie Owens and gain an Australian perspective.
  • Briefly explore the evidence that in 1936 Germany was preparing for war.