Propaganda - Performances


Nearly 4 million tickets were sold for the Berlin Olympics at a time when economic issues of the Great Depression still affected the world economy. These Olympic Games were a showcase of German architecture and production and a new level of sports rivalry.

Australia’s performance

Australia had a very small team in Berlin. Here you will be able to identify some of the performance highlights by looking at performances by Jack Metcalfe, Doris Carter and others. Why wasn't this Australia's Games?


Jessie Owens was the most significant Olympian at the Berlin Olympic Games. Investigate Jessie Owens gold medal wins and other performances, such as Hendricka Mastenbroek.

1936 Team results

Explore and analyse the team results.  

An Australian Evaluation

What did Australia learn from the Berlin Olympics?  

Glenn Morris Lenir

1936 Berlin Olympics


Video Overview (7 min 36 sec,)


Learners have the opportunity to:

• Identify and assess some of the performance highlights of the events and team results at the
1936 Berlin Olympic Games, with an emphasis on Australia’s performance.
• Identify and evaluate approaches to performance and international rivalry which were highlighted by the Berlin Olympic Games.
• Identify and discuss what Australia learnt from the Berlin Olympic Games for the future.