Australian Games - Performances


Australia had participated in every Summer Olympic Games in the modern era. It hosted its first Olympics in Melbourne in 1956 for 72 nations, represented by 3,314 athletes. Forty four years later in 2000, 199 nations and four individual athletes under the IOC flag, represented by 10 651 athletes came to Sydney. The quality of the performances at both Games continued the Olympic tradition of sporting excellence with fair play and good-will.

Performances in 1956

Australian athletes had the opportunity to perform against the rest of the world in their own country for the first time and watch them on television. Many performances created a new group of national sporting heroes. Discover some of the performance highlights. 

Performances in 2000

At almost the end of another century the Olympic world returned to Sydney, Australia with ultra-professional athletes and high expectations.  Discover some of the performance highlights.

Team results 1956 summary

Explore and analyse the team results.

Team results 2000 summary

Explore and analyse the team results and investigate why Australia has performed so well in the 1956 and 2000 Olympic Games.