Torino 2006

Australian Athletes At The Games

Flag Bearer

Athlete Name Ceremony
Alisa Camplin Opening
Dale Begg-Smith Closing


Athlete Name Sport Medals
Mitchell Allan Snowboard
AJ Bear Alpine Skiing
Dale Begg-Smith Freestyle Skiing 1  
Jason Begg-Smith Freestyle Skiing
Manuela Berchtold Freestyle Skiing
Esther Bottomley Cross Country Skiing
Shaun Boyle Skeleton
Craig Branch Alpine Skiing
Jono Brauer Alpine Skiing
Torah Bright Snowboard
Clare-Louise Brumley Cross Country Skiing
Andrew Burton Snowboard
Hannah Campbell-Pegg Luge
Alisa Camplin Freestyle Skiing 1  
Jo Carter Figure Skating
Jacqui Cooper Freestyle Skiing
Holly Crawford Snowboard
Nick Fisher Freestyle Skiing
Liz Gardner Freestyle Skiing
Lachlan Hay Short Track Skating
Damon Hayler Snowboard
Lydia Lassila Freestyle Skiing
Stephen Lee Short Track Skating
Ben Mates Snowboard
Alex McEwan Short Track Skating
Shane McKenzie Bobsleigh
Mark McNee Short Track Skating
Cameron Morton Biathlon
Michelle Steele Skeleton
Paul Murray Cross Country Skiing
Emanuel Oppliger Snowboard
Astrid Radjenovic Bobsleigh
Kylie Reed Bobsleigh
Michael Robertson Freestyle Skiing
Jeremy Rolleston Bobsleigh
Emily Rosemond Short Track Skating
Johanna Shaw Snowboard
Elliott Shriane Short Track Skating
Emily Thomas Snowboard
Brad Wall Alpine Skiing

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Did you know?

Alana Boyd (athletics – pole vault) made Australian Olympic history in Beijing, becoming the first Australian to join both parents as Olympians. This feat was emulated by Jess Fox (canoe/kayak - slalom) at the London 2012 Games.