Tokyo 1964

Australian Athletes At The Games

Flag Bearer

Athlete Name Ceremony
Ivan Lund Opening
Dawn Fraser Closing


Athlete Name Sport Medals
Michael Ah Matt Basketball
Alexander Alex Swimming
Graeme Allan Rowing
Ted Allsopp Athletics
Robyn Arlow (Bradshaw) Diving
Kevin Bacon Equestrian - Jumping
Bob Baird Cycling - Track
Tony Barber Boxing
Nick Barnes Water Polo
Jan Becker (Turner) Swimming 1  
Valerie Beitzel (Roberts) Gymnastics - Artistic
Kevin Berry Swimming 1   1  
Eric Bigby Athletics
Ray Bilney Cycling - Road
Adrian Blair Boxing
Tony Blue Athletics
Graham Boase Athletics
Anna Bocson (Wojtaszek-Pazera) Athletics
Graham Bond Gymnastics - Artistic
William Booth Boxing
Theo Boronovskis Judo 1  
Ian Bowditch Fencing
David Boykett Rowing
John Boyle Wrestling - Freestyle
Kevin Brislin Cycling - Track
Ray Brown Wrestling - Freestyle
Michele Brown (Mason) Athletics 1  
Vic Browne Cycling - Track
Ian Browne Cycling - Track
Terry Buck Swimming
Margaret Buck Canoe/Kayak - Flatwater
John Bukowski Boxing
Dianne Burge (Bowering) Athletics
John Byrom Swimming
Donald Cacas Wrestling - Greco-Roman
John Campbell Rowing
Fred Casey Boxing
Marlene Chapman (Dayman) Swimming
Gillian Chapman (de Greenlaw) Swimming
Barry Cheales Gymnastics - Artistic
Lynette Chipchase (Bell) Swimming 1  
Ron Clarke Athletics 1  
Brien Cobcroft Equestrian - Eventing
Sam Coffa Weightlifting
Les Coffey Shooting
Kenneth Cole Basketball
Phil Coles Canoe/Kayak - Flatwater
Tony Cook Athletics
John Coon Sailing
Susan Cope (Knight) Diving
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Australia has hosted the Olympic Games twice – Melbourne 1956 and Sydney 2000.