Sydney 2000

Australian Officials At The Games


John Coates Chef De Mission
John Devitt Assistant Chef De Mission
Peter Montgomery Assistant Chef De Mission
Michael Wenden Assistant Chef De Mission

Team Support Staff

Dawn Fraser Attache
Craig McLatchey Administration Director
Mark Lockie Assistant Administration Director
Geoffrey Cohen Administration Staff
Wendy Langton Administration Coordinator
Anne Wilson Administration Coordinator
Pamela Harris Administration Staff
Cheryl Ritchie Administration Staff
Damien Williams Finance Officer
Robert Thornton Operations Director
Craig Phillips Assistant Operations Director
Peter Brockington Operations Coordinator
Kaye Hurn Operations Coordinator
David Bonko Security Officer
Maree McArthur Security Officer
Herbert Elliott Athlete Services Director
Jodie Smith Athlete Services Coordinator
Rosemary Towner Athlete Services Coordinator
Felicity Gadd Athlete Services Support
Christopher Greenway Athlete Services Support
Megan Sissian Athlete Services Support
John Bertrand Athlete Liaison Officer
Peter Brock Athlete Liaison Officer
Laurie Lawrence Athlete Liaison Officer
Robyn Maher Athlete Liaison Officer
Megan Marcks Athlete Liaison Officer
Alexander Hamill Media/PR Director
Michael Tancred Assistant Media/PR Director
Ian Heads MPC Manager
Max Markson Assistant Media/PR Director
Colleen Richards Media Services
Rozanna Bozabalian Media Liaison Officer
Greg Campbell Media Liaison Officer
Alan Clarkson Media Liaison Officer
Kevin Diggerson Media Liaison Officer
John Gatfield Media Liaison Officer
Graeme Hannan Media Liaison Officer
Ian Hanson Media Liaison Officer
Stephen Lock Media Liaison Officer
Megan Mckay Media Liaison Officer
Janene Mar Media Liaison Officer
Tracie Edmondson Media Liaison Officer
Michael Stevens Media Liaison Officer
Michael Wilson Media Liaison Officer
Marlene Mathews Protocol/VIP Services Director
Ronald Gray Protocol/VIP Services Coordinator
David Morrison Protocol/VIP Services Coordinator
Brian Sando Medical Director
Peter Fricker Assistant Medical Director
Graham Winter Head of Psychological Services
Ross Smith Head of Physiotherapy Services
Robert Granter Head of Massage Services
Louise Burke Nutritionist
Denise Lickfold Clinic Administrator
Jill Young Clinic Administrator
Grace Bryant Doctor
Mark Porter Doctor
Bernd Adolph Massage Therapist
Howard Arbuthnot Massage Therapist
Kristina Canavan Massage Therapist
Bradley Hiskins Massage Therapist
Patricia Jenkins Massage Therapist
Maxwell Metzker Massage Therapist
Christine O'Connor Massage Therapist
Elizabeth Austin Physiotherapist
Peter Eckhardt Physiotherapist
Stephen Evans Physiotherapist
Peter Stanton Physiotherapist
Denny Shearwood Physiotherapist
Patricia Wisbey-Roth Physiotherapist
Gayelene Clews Psychologist
John Crampton Psychologist
Vicki De Prazer Psychologist

Sport Specific Support Staff

Stuart Atkins Section Manager
Kisik Lee Head Coach

Peter Brukner Section Manager
Carol Grant Assistant Section Manager
Geoffrey Rowe Assistant Section Manager
Lawrence Woodman Assistant Section Manager
Christopher Wardlaw Head Coach
Jacqueline Byrnes Coach
Keith Connor Coach
Andrew Dawes Coach
Peter Fortune Coach
Craig Hilliard Coach
Michael Khmel Coach
John Quinn Coach
Efim Shuravetsky Coach
Rudolf Sopko Coach
Ronald Weigel Coach
Dean Gathercole Sport Scientist
Chris Bradshaw Doctor
Anthony Bond Massage Therapist
Malcolm Calcutt Massage Therapist
Kyriacos Miritis Massage Therapist
Bruno Rizzo Massage Therapist
Kay Crossley Physiotherapist
Dean Kenneally Physiotherapist
Brent Kirkbride Physiotherapist
Anne Lord Physiotherapist
Jeffrey Simons Psychologist

Peter Roberts Section Manager
Yun Luo Head Coach

William O'Sullivan Section Manager
Jon Deeble Head Coach
Philip Dale Coach
Tony Harris Coach
Gregory Jelks Coach
Kylie Thomson Technical Staff
Craig Allingham Physiotherapist
Phil Jauncey Psychologist

John Trivellion Scott Section Manager
Marian Stewart-Hudson Section Manager
Barry Barnes Head Coach
Thomas Maher Head Coach
Alan Black Assistant Coach
Brett Brown Assistant Coach
Jennifer Cheesman Assistant Coach
Carrie Graf Assistant Coach
Peter Harcourt Doctor
Carolyn Broderick Doctor
Craig Purdam Physiotherapist
Jillianne Cook Physiotherapist
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