Sochi 2014

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The motto was intended to reflect the national character of Russia and the values of the Sochi 2014 brand, as well as Sochi 2014’s progressive and innovative approach to the organisation and staging of the Games. 

The word "Hot." reflects the intensity of sporting battle and the passion of the spectators, and it emphasises the location of the Games, the southern resort city of Sochi.

The word "Cool." references the timing of the Games, the fact that it is a Winter Games, as well as alluding to traditional perceptions of Russia as a country with a cold climate in the rest of the world.

The last word "Yours." symbolises personal involvement and shows that while the Games is a large-scale national project, everybody can share in the victories at the Games and the sense of pride.


The Sochi 2014 emblem was the first ever to use of an internet domain address creating a ‘digital’ Olympic emblem to promote open dialogue between nations and fans. The emblem was hailed as an iconic symbol of contemporary Russia and a key milestone in the preparation of the Games.


The Polar Bear, the Hare and the Leopard were the official mascots of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

The competition to create the mascots ran in 2010. Over 24,000 entries were received and more than a million people followed the competition online. A panel of expert judges created a shortlist of 10 sets of mascots for the Olympics and a team of artists and animators made cartoon images of the suggestions. In February 2011 the mascots were presented to the nation and the winning mascot was announced on live TV after a national text message poll. The mascots were chosen to reflect a unique aspect of Russian culture, something that is close to the heart and instantly recognisable to millions of people around the world. Three mascots were chosen to represent the three places on the Olympic podium. For the first time in the history of the Olympic Movement, a whole nation took part in the selection of its Olympic mascot. 

What did they represent? The polar bear was brought up by Arctic explorers from a very early age. It was they who taught him skiing, speed skating and curling. But above all the polar bear enjoyed riding sports sleighs. He became a real bobsleigh pro. The Hare is the busiest creature in the winter forest - studying at the Forest Academy, helping her mum in the family restaurant and taking part in all manner of sporting events. The Leopard is a rescuer and mountain-climber who lives in the uppermost branches of a huge tree, on the highest peak of the snowy mountains in the Caucasus. He is an experienced snowboarder and has taught all his friends and neighbours to snowboard too.