Singapore 2010

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The Singapore 2010 emblem had three distinct elements:
The Flame of Passion - The intense red flame represents the passion to learn and the power of positive thinking. Red is also the national colour of Singapore.
The Star of Champions - The rich purple star symbolises excellence and the pride of representing one's nation.
The Crescent of Tomorrow - The crescent reflects dynamic youth, full of promise. It has the lush green and calm blue colours of a tropical island city.


The motto for the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games was 'Blazing the trail'


The mascots for Singapore 2010 were Lyo, a lion cub, embodying the values of excellence and friendship, and Merly, a merlion, personifying the values of excellence and respect.

Lyo is short for "Lion of the Youth Olympics". A sports lover, he is fun-loving and hopes to inspire young people to keep fit and enjoy sports for life. He symbolises youths' boundless energy, their determination to live life to the fullest and zeal to strive for Excellence.

Merly got her name from "mer" (meaning the sea) and "l y" stand for liveliness and youthfulness. A passionate advocate of environment protection, Merly believes that everyone has a role to play in working towards a sustainable future. She also wants to encourage young people to play an active role in their communities and promote respect for one another.