Rome 1960

Australian Athletes At The Games

Flag Bearer

Athlete Name Ceremony
Jock Sturrock Opening


Athlete Name Sport Medals
Graeme Allan Rowing
Max Annett Rowing
Ron Baensch Cycling - Track
John Baguley Athletics
Bevyn Baker Athletics
Kathleen Baxter Fencing
Don Bayley Weightlifting
Heidi Beard (Sager) Canoe/Kayak - Flatwater
Valerie Beitzel (Roberts) Gymnastics - Artistic
Kevin Berry Swimming 1  
Errol Bill Hockey
David Bingham Sailing
Tony Blue Athletics
Anna Bocson (Wojtaszek-Pazera) Athletics
Graham Bond Gymnastics - Artistic
Kaye Brajkovich (Breadsell) Gymnastics - Artistic
Frank Brazier Cycling - Track
Noel Brooke Sailing
Harold Brooke Sailing
Ian Browne Cycling - Track
John Bukowski Boxing
Bill Burton Swimming 1  
Donald Cacas Wrestling - Greco-Roman
Alan Cain Sailing
Brenda Carr (Jones) Athletics 1  
Julian Carroll Swimming 1  
Kevin Carton Hockey
Ian Chapman Cycling - Track
Allan Charleston Water Polo
John Chittick Athletics
Robert Clark Wrestling - Greco-Roman
Des Clark Water Polo
Daryl Cohen Weightlifting
Phil Coles Canoe/Kayak - Flatwater
Alva Colquhoun Swimming 1  
Gloria Cooke-Wigney (Cooke) Athletics
John Coon Sailing
Susan Cope (Knight) Diving
Brian Crago Equestrian - Eventing 1  
Michael Craig Hockey
Ron Crawford Athletics
Mervyn Crossman Hockey
Ken Crotty Diving
Max Cunningham Rowing
Don Currie Hockey
Betty Cuthbert Athletics
Terry Davies Rowing
Teifion Davies Boxing
Pat de Glas (Duggan) Athletics
Benjamin De Roo Gymnastics - Artistic
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Olympic medals must be at least 60 millimetres in diameter and at least three millimetres thick. The design of the medal is the responsibility of the host city's organising committee, with the approval of the IOC.