Munich 1972

Australian Olympians At The Games

Flag Bearers

Olympian Name Ceremony
Dennis Green Opening
Michael Wenden Closing

Australian Officials At The Games


Official Name Position
Judy Patching Chef De Mission
Eric Hayman Assistant General Manager

Team Support Staff

Staff Member Name Position
Tom Wigley Administration Staff
Kathleen Baxter Assistant Manager
Joyce Horne Assistant Manager
Marlene Mathews Administration Assistant
Brian Corrigan Medical Director
Kenneth Fitch Doctor
William Hoffmann Transport Director
George Saunders Masseur
Gwen Bull Administration Assistant
Lance Robinson Coach
Harald Stibbe Attache
Tom Blue Administration Staff
Eric Hayman Assistant General Manager
Eric McRae Administration Staff
Bill Uren Administration Staff

Sport Specific Support Staff

Staff Member Name Position
Arthur Pask
Alex McIvor
Henri Schubert
Ken Steward
Hiram Angove
Lindsay Gaze
Patrick Hynes
Phil Coles
Charles Manins
Ronald O'Donnell
Roger Pegram
Jack Walsh
Endre Szakall
Jim Barry Section Manager
Keith Murton
Arthur Sturgess
Eugene Knoop
Les Mapstone
Robert Hemery
Alan Callaway
Lance Robinson
Fred Linacre
David Hillan
Roger Pegram
Ursula Carlile
Donald Talbot
Roger Pegram
Ron Wootton
Bruce Walsh
Richard Garrard

Games Trivia


The Munich 1972 emblem depicts rays of light and and represents "the bright sun". It was designed to capture the light, fresh spirit of "Radiant Munich".


Waldi was the first official Olympic mascot. He is a Dachshund- a popular breed of dog in Germany- and is predominantly blue with stripes of most of the other Olympic colours, excluding those colors related to the Nazi Party.


Otl Aicher, designer of the Olympic mascot, Waldi, also created sports pictograms for the Munich 1972 Olympics. It was the first time the now-universal sports pictograms were used in Olympic competition.