Moscow 1980

Australian Athletes At The Games

Flag Bearer

Athlete Name Ceremony
Denise Boyd Opening
Max Metzker
John Sumegi Closing


Athlete Name Sport Medals
Peter Ali Basketball
Steve Austin Athletics
Gerard Barrett Athletics
Bob Barrie Modern Pentathlon
Crosbie Baulch Canoe/Kayak - Sprint
Valerie Beddoe Diving
Gregory Benko Fencing
Deborah Beresford Athletics
John Bolt Rowing
Denise Boyd Athletics
Kevin Bradshaw Cycling - Road
Stephen Breheny Basketball
Graeme Brewer Swimming 1  
Neil Brooks Swimming 1  
Cris Brown Wrestling - Freestyle
Robert Bryant Water Polo
Martin Callaghan Water Polo
Marina Campbell Gymnastics - Artistic
Ian Campbell Athletics
Mark Carew Judo
Pauline Coates Rowing
Perry Crosswhite Basketball
Lisa Curry-Kenny Swimming
Mal Dalgleish Basketball
William Dankbaar Rowing
Ian Davies Basketball
Robert de Castella Athletics
Jenny Donnet Diving
Terry Donovan Archery
Scott Dumbrell Archery
Henry Duncan Rowing
David England Rowing
Peter Evans Swimming 1   1  
Anthony Falson Water Polo
Peter Farmer Athletics
Michelle Ferguson Fencing
Colin Fitzgerald Cycling - Track
David Fitzsimons Athletics
Stephen Foley Diving
Michelle Ford-Eriksson Swimming 1   1  
Lisa Forrest Swimming
Gino Fratangelo Weightlifting
Rose Fydler Swimming
Penny Gillies Athletics
Randall Goff Water Polo
Peter Hadfield Athletics
Stephen Handley Rowing
Yvonne Hill Shooting
David Hollister Shooting
Gary Honey Athletics
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Did you know?

Chantelle and Robert Newbery became the first husband and wife to win medals at the same Olympic Games in Athens 2004. Clayton and Lucinda Fredericks (equestrian) also achieved this feat at the 2008 Beijing Games.