Mexico City 1968

Australian Athletes At The Games

Flag Bearer

Athlete Name Ceremony
Bill Roycroft Opening
Eric Pearce Closing


Athlete Name Sport Medals
Mark Anderson Swimming
Thomas Anderson Sailing
Robyn Arlow (Bradshaw) Diving
Kevin Bacon Equestrian - Jumping
Lynne Bates (Watson) Swimming 1  
Peter Boyce Athletics
Raelene Boyle Athletics 1  
Greg Brough Swimming 1  
Dianne Burge (Bowering) Athletics
Arthur Busch Hockey 1  
John Bylsma Cycling - Track
Karl Byrom Swimming
Samuel Campbell Equestrian - Jumping
Robert Carney Boxing
Murray Chessell Gymnastics - Artistic
Lynette Chipchase (Bell) Swimming 1  
Pauline Christison (Gray) Swimming
John Clark Rowing
Frank Clark Athletics
Ron Clarke Athletics
Hilton Clarke Cycling - Road
Derek Clayton Athletics
Brien Cobcroft Equestrian - Eventing 1  
Phil Coles Canoe/Kayak - Flatwater
Allen Crawley Athletics
John Cuneo Sailing
Robert Cusack Swimming 1  
Paul Dearing Hockey 1  
Peter Dickson Rowing 1  
Susan Dolbey (Eddy) Swimming
Joseph Donovan Boxing
Ralph Doubell Athletics 1  
David Douglas Rowing 1  
Barry Downs Shooting
Graham Dunn Swimming
Alfred Duval Rowing 1  
Julie Dyring (McDonald) Swimming
Ray Evans Hockey 1  
John Fahey Equestrian - Jumping
John Farrington Athletics
Joseph Fazio Rowing 1  
John Ferguson Sailing
David Forbes Sailing
Bob Gardiner Athletics
Brian Glencross Hockey 1  
Dennis Green Canoe/Kayak - Flatwater
Denise Langford Swimming
Alan Grover Rowing 1  
Paul Guest Rowing
Bob Haigh Hockey 1  
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Did you know?

Olympic medals must be at least 60 millimetres in diameter and at least three millimetres thick. The design of the medal is the responsibility of the host city's organising committee, with the approval of the IOC.