London 2012

Australian Athletes At The Games


Athlete Name Sport Medals
Sharleen Stratton Diving
Greg Sukochev Volleyball
Eamon Sullivan Swimming
Scott Sunderland Cycling - Track
Matthew Swann Hockey 1  
Tom Swann Rowing
Sarah Tait (Outhwaite) Rowing 1  
Jared Tallent Athletics 1  
Claire Tallent (Woods) Athletics
Vivian Tan Table Tennis
Farzad Tarash Wrestling - Freestyle
Matt Targett Swimming 1  
Jayde Taylor Hockey
Tristan Thomas Athletics
Bernard Tomic Tennis
Josie Tomic Cycling - Track
Edwina Tops-Alexander Equestrian - Jumping
Daniel Tranter Swimming
Jessica Trengove Athletics
Libby Trickett (Lenton) Swimming 1  
Glenn Turner Hockey 1  
Aden Tutton Volleyball
Robyn Van Nus Shooting
Renu Veeran Badminton
Adam Vella Shooting
Hannah Vermeersch Rowing
Ken Wallace Canoe/Kayak - Flatwater
Tessa Wallace Swimming
Billy Ward Boxing
Glenn Warfe Badminton
Ethan Warren Diving
Bronwen Watson Rowing
Mitchell Watt Athletics 1  
Rowie Webster Water Polo 1  
Lisa Weightman Athletics
Krystal Weir Sailing
Eloise Wellings Athletics
Lauren Boden Athletics
Thomas Whalan Water Polo
Adam White Volleyball
Lucinda Whitty Sailing 1  
Loudy Wiggins (Tourky) Diving
Lincoln Williams Volleyball
Matthew Williams Equestrian - Jumping
Benita Willis Athletics
Sam Willoughby BMX Cycling 1  
Kristi Harrower Basketball 1  
Jackson Woods Boxing
Gavin Woods Water Polo
Taylor Worth Archery

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Did you know?

Australia has hosted the Olympic Games twice – Melbourne 1956 and Sydney 2000.