London 2012

Australian Athletes At The Games


Athlete Name Sport Medals
Daniel Repacholi Shooting
Lauren Reynolds BMX Cycling
Stephanie Rice Swimming
Sam Richards Basketball 1  
Brenton Rickard Swimming 1  
Mel Rippon Water Polo 1  
Jeff Riseley Athletics
Megan Rivers Hockey
Aidan Roach Water Polo
Nathan Roberts Volleyball
James Roberts Swimming
Anastasia Rodionova Tennis
Michael Rogers Cycling - Road
Joshua Ross Athletics
Jesse Ross Boxing
Adam Rutter Athletics
Matt Ryan Rowing
Casey Sablowski Hockey
Dane Sampson Shooting
Dani Samuels Athletics
Jessicah Schipper Swimming
Jenni Screen Basketball 1  
Alethea Sedgman Shooting
Emily Seebohm Swimming 1   2  
Robyn Selby Smith Rowing
Brendan Sexton Triathlon
Michael Shelley Athletics
Todd Skipworth Rowing
Tom Slingsby Sailing 1  
Sophie Smith Water Polo 1  
Tate Smith Canoe/Kayak - Flatwater 1  
Luke Smith Volleyball
Ross Smith Badminton
Dave Smith Canoe/Kayak - Flatwater 1  
Emily Smith Hockey
Anabelle Smith Diving
Belinda Snell Basketball 1  
Steven Solomon Athletics
Ash Southern Water Polo 1  
Amanda Spratt Cycling - Road
Christian Sprenger Swimming 1   1  
Ben St Lawrence Athletics
Phoebe Stanley Rowing
John Steffensen Athletics
Dale Stevenson Athletics
Murray Stewart Canoe/Kayak - Flatwater 1  
Hayden Stoeckel Swimming 1  
Sam Stosur Tennis
Belinda Stowell Sailing
Sharleen Stratton Diving

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Did you know?

Olympic medals must be at least 60 millimetres in diameter and at least three millimetres thick. The design of the medal is the responsibility of the host city's organising committee, with the approval of the IOC.