London 2012

Australian Athletes At The Games


Athlete Name Sport Medals
Regan Lamble Athletics
Mitch Larkin Swimming
Matson Lawson Swimming
Jian Fang Lay (Hong) Table Tennis
Tim Leathart Athletics
Seen Lee Weightlifting
Beki Lee Athletics
Holly Lincoln-Smith Water Polo 1  
Johan Linde Boxing
Tobias Lister Rowing
Emily Little Gymnastics - Artistic
Sam Loch Rowing
Will Lockwood Rowing 1  
Rachel Lovell Canoe/Kayak - Flatwater
Kathleen Macleod Basketball 1  
James Magnussen Swimming 1   1  
Kynan Maley Canoe/Kayak - Slalom
James Marburg Rowing
Sebastian Marczak Canoe/Kayak - Flatwater
Aleks Maric Basketball
Lauryn Mark Shooting
Russell Mark Shooting
Scott Martin Athletics
Carmen Marton Taekwondo
Andrew McCabe Athletics
Daniel McConnell Cycling - MTB
Alicia McCormack Water Polo 1  
Kaarle McCulloch Cycling - Track 1  
Cameron McEvoy Swimming
Glencora Ralph Water Polo 1  
Sam McGregor Water Polo
Kobie McGurk Hockey
Ned McKendry Swimming
Cameron McKenzie-McHarg Rowing
David McKeon Swimming
Kaila McKnight Athletics
David McNeill Athletics
James McRae Rowing 1  
Anna Meares Cycling - Track 1   1  
Miao Miao Table Tennis
Kim Mickle Athletics
Joel Milburn Athletics
Larrissa Miller Gymnastics - Artistic
Billy Miller Water Polo
Patrick Mills Basketball
Matthew Mitcham Diving
Kathryn Mitchell Athletics
Lauren Mitchell Gymnastics - Artistic
Emma Moffatt Triathlon
Kenrick Monk Swimming

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Did you know?

Synchronised swimming and rhythmic gymnastics are the only sports on today’s Olympic program to be contested only by women.