London 2012

Australian Athletes At The Games


Athlete Name Sport Medals
Jessica Ashwood Swimming 1  
Jessica Ashwood Swimming
Anthony Aslangul Alpine Skiing
Dina Aspandiyarova Shooting
Dina Aspandiyarova Shooting
Courtney Atkinson Triathlon
Courtney Atkinson Triathlon
John Atkinson Athletics
Teneal Attard Hockey
Teneal Attard Hockey
Peter Attrill Sailing
Rex Aubrey Swimming
Ernest Austen Athletics
Ben Austin Sailing
Steve Austin Athletics
George Avery Athletics 1  
Emmelia Ayliffe Rowing
Marian Aylmore Hockey
Mark Babic Football
Nicolaj Bach Handball
Pete Bach Handball
Gerald Backhouse Athletics
Christopher Bacon Judo
Kevin Bacon Equestrian - Jumping
Kevin Bacon Equestrian - Jumping
Kevin Bacon Equestrian - Jumping
Joel Baden Athletics
Ron Baensch Cycling - Track
Nathan Baggaley Canoe/Kayak - Sprint 2  
Nathan Baggaley Canoe/Kayak - Sprint
John Baguley Athletics
Andrew Baildon Swimming
Andrew Baildon Swimming
Jim Bailey Athletics
Tanya Bailey Cycling - BMX
Ryan Bailie Triathlon
William Baillieu Rowing
Angie Bainbridge Swimming 1  
Angie Bainbridge Swimming 1  
Don Baird Athletics
Malcolm Baird Athletics
Bob Baird Cycling - Track
Cameron Bairstow Basketball
Cristian Bajan Handball
Bevyn Baker Athletics
Georgia Baker Cycling - Track
Reginald 'Snowy' Baker Swimming
Reginald 'Snowy' Baker Diving
Reginald 'Snowy' Baker Boxing 1  
Simon Baker Athletics

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Did you know?

There are 5 Australian athletes with 2 medals each from the Winter Games: Steven Bradbury (Short Track Speed Skating), 1 gold, 1 bronze. Alisa Camplin (Freestyle Skiing - Aerials), 1 gold, 1 bronze. Dale Begg-Smith (Freestyle Skiing - Moguls), 1 gold, 1 silver. Torah Bright (Snowboard), 1 gold, 1 silver. Lydia Lassila (Freestyle-Skiing - Aerials), 1 gold, 1 bronze.