London 2012

Australian Athletes At The Games


Athlete Name Sport Medals
Olia Burtaev Synchro Swimming
Chris Burton Equestrian - Eventing
Matthew Butturini Hockey 1  
Liz Cambage Basketball 1  
Richie Campbell Water Polo
Bronte Campbell Swimming
Cate Campbell Swimming 1  
Joel Carroll Hockey 1  
Brendan Casey Sailing
Hayley Chapman Shooting
James Chapman Rowing 1  
David Chapman Shooting
Renee Chatterton Rowing
Rod Chisholm Rowing
Leanne Choo Badminton
Chris Ciriello Hockey 1  
James Clark Water Polo
Amy Clay Rowing
Jacob Clear Canoe/Kayak - Sprint 1  
Tim Cleland Water Polo
Jade Close Hockey
Brendan Cole Athletics
James Connor Diving
Sarah Cook Rowing
Nat Cook Beach Volleyball
John Cotterill Water Polo
Bryn Coudraye Rowing
Alicia Coutts Swimming 1   3   1  
Peter Crawford Basketball
David Crawshay Rowing
Jessica Crisp Sailing
Toni Cronk Hockey
Amy Cure Cycling - Track
Ben Cureton Rowing
Nina Curtis Sailing 1  
Nick D'Arcy Swimming
Tommaso D'Orsogna Swimming 1  
Hannah Davis Canoe/Kayak - Sprint
Liam De Young Hockey 1  
Nathan Deakes Athletics
Tim Deavin Hockey 1  
Vivian Dederko Table Tennis
Casey Dellacqua Tennis
Matthew Dellavedova Basketball
Joel Dennerley Water Polo
Rohan Dennis Cycling - Track 1  
Erin Densham Triathlon 1  
Martin Dent Athletics
Michael Diamond Shooting
Arnie Dickins Judo

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Did you know?

Synchronised Swimming began as a sport for men in the 1800s. It became an Olympic sport in 1984 but it is only open to women.