London 1948

Australian Olympians At The Games

Flag Bearers

Olympian Name Ceremony
Les McKay Opening

Australian Officials At The Games


Official Name Position
Edgar Tanner General Manager

Team Support Staff

Staff Member Name Position
Doris Magee Chaperone
Norman Mighell Attache

Sport Specific Support Staff

Staff Member Name Position
Jack Metcalfe
Ralph Jackson
Mick Gray
William Phillips
Ray Todd
Leonard Righetti
William Phillips
Forbes Carlile
William Phillips
Ralph Jackson
Ralph Jackson

Games Trivia


The official emblem of the London 1948 Olympic Games features the iconic "Big Ben" and the Houses of Parliament. The time is 4 o'clock- the planned start time of the Opening Ceremony.The emblem was chosen to symbolise a typically English setting that would also have significance for future generations.

Youngest champion

After only four months in the sport, American Bob Mathias won the decathlon. He was just seventeen at the time and remains the youngest athlete in Olympic history to win a men's athletics event.