London 1948

Australian Athletes At The Games

Flag Bearer

Athlete Name Ceremony
Les McKay Opening


Athlete Name Sport Medals
Garrick Agnew Swimming
Jim Armstrong Wrestling - Freestyle 1  
Bruce Arthur Wrestling - Freestyle
George Avery Athletics 1  
William Barber Boxing
John Bartram Athletics
Charlie Bazzano Cycling - Track
Laurence Birks Boxing
Bruce Bourke Swimming
Bill Boyce Boxing
Warren Boyd Swimming
Edward Bromley Rowing
Theo Bruce Athletics 1  
Arthur Burge Water Polo
Keith Caple Weightlifting
Jimmy Carruthers Boxing
Ken Caves Cycling - Road
Roger Cornforth Water Polo
Morris Curotta Athletics
Benjamin Dalley Water Polo
Tom Darcy Rowing
Judy Joy Davies Swimming 1  
John Davies Swimming
Shirley de la Hunty (Strickland) Athletics 1   2  
Herman Doerner Water Polo
Colin Douglas-Smith Rowing
Leo Dove Shooting
Len Fenton Sailing
Leon Ferguson Water Polo
Jack Ferguson Water Polo
June Ferguson (Maston) Athletics 1  
Robert French Sailing
Colin French Water Polo
Peter Gardner Athletics
Dick Garrard Wrestling - Freestyle 1  
Bruce Goswell Rowing
Ronald Gower Boxing
Spencer Grace Rowing
Charles Green Athletics
Kevin Hallett Swimming
Bert Harris Wrestling - Freestyle
Denise Henderson (Spencer) Swimming
Graham Nathaniel Higham Boxing
Adrian Holmes Boxing
Neville Holt Shooting
John Hoobin Cycling - Track
John Hoobin Cycling - Road
Eric Johnston Water Polo
Jack King Water Polo
Joyce King Athletics 1  
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