Lillehammer 1994

Australian Athletes At The Games

Flag Bearer

Athlete Name Ceremony
Kirstie Marshall Opening
Kirstie Marshall Closing


Athlete Name Sport Medals
Adam Barclay Bobsleigh
Steven Bradbury Short Track Skating 1  
Stephen Carr Figure Skating
Glenn Carroll Bobsleigh
Nicholas Cleaver Freestyle Skiing
Jacqui Cooper Freestyle Skiing
Paul Costa Freestyle Skiing
Adrian Costa Freestyle Skiing
Anthony Evans Cross Country Skiing
Jason Giobbi Bobsleigh
Mark Gray Cross Country Skiing
Kieran Hansen Short Track Skating 1  
Anthony Huguet Alpine Skiing
Karen Kah (Gardiner) Short Track Skating
John Kah Short Track Skating
Danny Kah Speed Skating
Kirstie Marshall Freestyle Skiing
Justin McDonald Bobsleigh
Danielle McGrath (Carr) Figure Skating
Andrew Murtha Short Track Skating 1  
Richard Nizielski Short Track Skating 1  
Sandra Paintin-Paul (Paintin) Biathlon
Kerryn Rim (Pethybridge) Biathlon
Zali Steggall Alpine Skiing
Phillip Tahmindjis Speed Skating
Scott Walker Bobsleigh
Roger White Luge

2015 Pacific Games

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Did you know?

Olympic medals must be at least 60 millimetres in diameter and at least three millimetres thick. The design of the medal is the responsibility of the host city's organising committee, with the approval of the IOC.