Barcelona 1992

Barcelona was the Spanish hometown of Juan Antonio Samaranch, the President of the International Olympic Committee. He had been elected President of the IOC only days before the tragic Munich Games of 1972; in the 20 years since he had seen television and sponsor budgets balloon and the Games reach a once unimagined global TV audience. It was the first Games in a while not blemished by boycotts, leading to a record 172 nations participating.

From the spectacular Opening Ceremony, highlighted when the Olympic flame was lit by a flaming arrow fired by a Spanish archer, Antonio Rebollo, Barcelona was a visually spectacular Games. Images such as China’s tiny teenage diving sensation, Fu Mingxia, launching herself from the 10m platform with the city skyline as a backdrop, made for a visual feast. Fu, just 13, led a strong Chinese diving team that won three of four possible gold medals.

This was a Games that reflected the changing face of world politics, especially in Europe. The Communist Bloc had crumbled; the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall had been destroyed. The new independent republics of the former Soviet Union joined forces to compete as the Unified Team, also known as the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). For the first time since 1964, a single German team competed (East and West Germany had previously competed separately). South Africa also returned to the Games for the first time since 1960.

The celebrities of Barcelona were the American men’s basketball team, known as the 'Dream Team'. Professional players were allowed to compete for the first time, and the US team cruised to the gold medal led by NBA legends Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan. For Jordan, it was his second gold medal, having also competed at the Games in 1984.

Gymnast Vitali Sherbo, competing for the Unified Team, was the most successful athlete, winning six gold medals. Sherbo, from Belarus, witnessed the Belarussian flag and anthem being used at the Olympics for the first time. American identical twins Karen and Sarah Josephson took synchronised swimming to a new level of synchronicity, winning the pairs gold medal. Other champions to impress included swimmers Alex Popov of the Unified Team (two gold) and Hungarian Kriztina Egerszegi (three gold); Algeria’s first Olympic heroine, Hassiba Boulmerka, in the women’s 1500m on the track; Cuba’s outstanding baseball and women’s volleyball teams; and the Spanish football team, whose 3-2 win over Poland in the final sparked wild celebrations.

The Olympic program continued to grow. Baseball and badminton debuted as new sports, judo events for women were held for the first time, and a handful of other new events, including the return of canoe/kayak slalom, meant there were now 26 sports and 259 events being contested.The Unified Team led the medal table with 45 gold, eight more than the United States in second place. But the two stars of the medal table were Cuba, in fifth place with 14 gold medals, and host nation Spain, with 13 gold medals. In its previous 16 appearances at the Games before 1992, Spain had won a total of four gold medals.

Australian Olympians At The Games

Flag Bearers

Olympian Name Ceremony
Jenny Donnet Opening
Kieren Perkins Closing

Australian Medallists At The Games

Olympian Name Sport Medals
Brett Aitken Cycling - Track
Ramon Andersson Canoe/Kayak - Flatwater
Peter Antonie Rowing
John Bestall Hockey
Warren Birmingham Hockey
Lee Bodimeade Hockey
Mitch Booth Sailing
Nicole Bradtke (Provis) Tennis
Ashley Carey Hockey
Andrew Cooper Rowing
Greg Corbitt Hockey
Daniela Costian Athletics
Stephen Davies Hockey
Damon Diletti Hockey
Lachie Dreher Hockey
Lachlan Elmer Hockey
Dean Evans Hockey
John Forbes Sailing
Tim Forsyth Athletics
Kelvin Graham Canoe/Kayak - Flatwater
David Green Equestrian - Eventing
Nick Green Rowing
Stephen Hawkins Rowing
Glen Housman Swimming
Andrew Hoy Equestrian - Eventing
Shane Kelly Cycling - Track
Rachel Kelly (McQuillan) Tennis
Lars Kleppich Sailing
Hayley Lewis Swimming
Paul Lewis Hockey
Nicole Livingstone (Stevenson) Swimming
Stephen McGlede Cycling - Track
Mike McKay Rowing
Gary Neiwand Cycling - Track
Shaun O'Brien Cycling - Track
Stuart O'Grady Cycling - Track
Susie O'Neill Swimming
Kieren Perkins Swimming
Graham Reid Hockey
Sam Riley Swimming
Clint Robinson Canoe/Kayak - Flatwater
Phil Rogers Swimming
Gil Rolton Equestrian - Eventing
Ian Rowling Canoe/Kayak - Flatwater
Matt Ryan Equestrian - Eventing
Jay Stacy Hockey
James Tomkins Rowing
David Wansbrough Hockey
Ken Wark Hockey
Kathryn Watt Cycling - Track
Kathryn Watt Cycling - Road
Steven Wood Canoe/Kayak - Flatwater
Woodward Danielle Canoe/Kayak - Slalom
Michael York Hockey

Australian Officials At The Games


Official Name Position
John Coates Chef De Mission
Keith Murton Assistant General Manager

Team Support Staff

Staff Member Name Position
Maria Samaranch Attache
Michael Wenden Administration Director
Lynne Bates Administration Staff
John Devitt Administration Staff
Craig Phillips Administration Staff
Shirley Harris Administration Staff
Cheryl Ritchie Administration Staff
Christina Jenson Administration Staff
Rosemary Towner Administration Staff
Robert Thornton Transport Director
Herbert Elliott Athlete Liaison Officer
Dawn Fraser Athlete Liaison Officer
James Webster Media Services
Brian Sando Medical Director
Peter Fricker Deputy Medical Director
Barry Cooper Head of Massage Services
Ross Smith Head of Physiotherapy Services
Craig Purdam Physiotherapist
Graham Winter Head of Psychological Services
George Galvin Doctor
Peter Harcourt Doctor
Siri Kannangara Doctor
Jeni Saunders Doctor
William Webb Doctor
Howard Arbuthnot Masseur
Wayde Clews Masseur
Robert Granter Masseur
Michael Kewley Masseur
Patricia Manson Masseur
Nicola Massaro Masseur
Craig Allingham Physiotherapist
Wendy Braybon Physiotherapist
Graham Reid Physiotherapist
Peter Stanton Physiotherapist
Noel McRoberts Physiotherapist
Jeffrey Bond Psychologist
John Crampton Psychologist
Christopher Horsley Psychologist
Neil McLean Psychologist
Susan Beasley Medical Staff

Sport Specific Support Staff

Staff Member Name Position
Keith Gaisford
John Daly
Margaret Mahony
Anthony Benson
Nancy Atterton
Alessandro Bisetto
Keith Connor Coach
Craig Hilliard Coach
Mervyn Kemp
Donald Stockins
John Trivellion Scott
Adrian Hurley
Patrick Hunt
Barry Barnes
John Davies
Charles Smith
Roy Farrance
Ian Farmer
Reginald Hatch
Terrence Hutchings Coach
Barry Kelly
Brian Trouville
Alfred Walker
Charlie Walsh
Jennifer Albrecht
Heiko Salzwedel
Shayne Bannan Head Coach
James Bullen Mechanic
Frank Conceicao
Geoffrey Sussman
Stephen Foley
Wang Tong Xiang Coach
Bruce Mills
Vicki Roycroft
Wayne Roycroft Head Coach
Rudolf Zeilinger
Ian Greenshields
Denis Goulding Vet
Basil Scarsella
Edward Thomson
Leslie Scheinflug
Pedro Ruz
Jeffrey Cheales
Fiona Bird
Warwick Forbes
Derui Qu
Andrei Rodionenko
Ju Ping Tian
Alan Berry
Francis Murray Head Coach
David Bell Head Coach
Peter Shaw
Barbara Rutter
Brian Glencross
Peter Freitag
Steven Lawrence
Peter Macken
Andrew Guerin
Reinhold Batschi Coach
Noel Donaldson Head Coach
Timothy McLaren Coach
Brian Richardson Coach
Paul Rowe
Paul Thompson
John Harrison
Michael Fletcher Coach
Carl Hedberg
William Hooper
Charles Badham
David MacFarlane
Robert Smith
Terry Buck
Gregory Hodge Section Manager
Donald Talbot
Michael Bohl Coach
John Carew
Terence Gathercole
Ernest King
Laurie Lawrence Village Activities Co-ordinator
William Nelson
Scott Volkers
Bernard Wakefield
Robert Treffene
Clark Perry Psychologist
Donella Freeman
Neil Harwood
Neale Fraser
Wendy Turnbull
Harry Quittner
Donald Cameron
Charles Turner
Erkin Shagaev Head Coach
Paul Coffa General Manager
Samuel Parker Section Manager

Games Trivia


Barcelona is associated with artists such as Picasso, Miró, Dalí, Gaudí and Tàpies. In creating the Barcelona 1992 logo a more  creative and personal logo was envisaged. The free-form design represents a gymnastics routine and the colours reflect the standards of Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain.


The motto of the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games was "Friends Forever".


Cobi was a popular mascot. He was a Catalan Sheepdog represented in cubist style inspired by the the interpretations of Picasso of a masterpiece from Velázquez, Las Meninas.