Barcelona 1992

Australian Officials At The Games


John Coates Chef De Mission
Keith Murton Assistant General Manager

Team Support Staff

Maria Samaranch Attache
Michael Wenden Administration Director
Lynne Bates Administration Staff
John Devitt Administration Staff
Craig Phillips Administration Staff
Shirley Harris Administration Staff
Cheryl Ritchie Administration Staff
Christina Jenson Administration Staff
Rosemary Towner Administration Staff
Robert Thornton Transport Director
Herbert Elliott Athlete Liaison Officer
Dawn Fraser Athlete Liaison Officer
James Webster Media Services
Brian Sando Medical Director
Peter Fricker Deputy Medical Director
Barry Cooper Head of Massage Services
Ross Smith Head of Physiotherapy Services
Craig Purdam Physiotherapist
Graham Winter Head of Psychological Services
George Galvin Doctor
Peter Harcourt Doctor
Siri Kannangara Doctor
Jeni Saunders Doctor
William Webb Doctor
Howard Arbuthnot Masseur
Wayde Clews Masseur
Robert Granter Masseur
Michael Kewley Masseur
Patricia Manson Masseur
Nicola Massaro Masseur
Craig Allingham Physiotherapist
Wendy Braybon Physiotherapist
Graham Reid Physiotherapist
Peter Stanton Physiotherapist
Noel McRoberts Physiotherapist
Jeffrey Bond Psychologist
John Crampton Psychologist
Christopher Horsley Psychologist
Neil McLean Psychologist
Susan Beasley Medical Staff

Sport Specific Support Staff

Keith Gaisford Section Manager

John Daly Section Manager
Margaret Mahony Assistant Section Manager
Anthony Benson Head Coach
Nancy Atterton Coach
Alessandro Bisetto Coach
Keith Connor Coach
Craig Hilliard Coach
Mervyn Kemp Coach

Donald Stockins Section Manager

John Trivellion Scott Section Manager
Adrian Hurley Head Coach
Patrick Hunt Assistant Coach
Barry Barnes Assistant Coach

John Davies Section Manager
Charles Smith Coach

Roy Farrance Section Manager
Ian Farmer Section Manager
Reginald Hatch Coach
Terrence Hutchings Coach
Barry Kelly Coach
Brian Trouville Coach

Alfred Walker Section Manager
Charlie Walsh Coach
Jennifer Albrecht Coach
Heiko Salzwedel Coach
Shayne Bannan Assistant Coach
James Bullen Mechanic
Frank Conceicao Mechanic

Geoffrey Sussman Section Manager
Stephen Foley Coach
Wang Tong Xiang Coach

Bruce Mills Section Manager
Vicki Roycroft Coach
Wayne Roycroft Coach
Rudolf Zeilinger Coach
Ian Greenshields Chef D'Equipe
Denis Goulding Vet

Basil Scarsella Section Manager
Edward Thomson Head Coach
Leslie Scheinflug Assistant Coach
Pedro Ruz Physiotherapist

Jeffrey Cheales Section Manager
Fiona Bird Coach
Warwick Forbes Coach
Derui Qu Coach
Andrei Rodionenko Coach
Ju Ping Tian Coach

Alan Berry Section Manager
Francis Murray Head Coach
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