Barcelona 1992

Australian Athletes At The Games

Flag Bearer

Athlete Name Ceremony
Jenny Donnet Opening
Kieren Perkins Closing


Athlete Name Sport Medals
Nick A'Hern Athletics
April Adams (McMillin) Diving
Phillip Adams Shooting
Brett Aitken Cycling - Track 1  
Kate Allen (Slatter) Rowing
Monique Allen Gymnastics - Artistic
David Anderson Athletics
Ramon Andersson Canoe/Kayak - Flatwater 1  
Susan Andrews Athletics
Al Annan (Caldas) Hockey
Peter Antonie Rowing 1  
Zlatko Arambasic Football
Simon Arkell Athletics
Vyninka Arlow Diving
Duncan Armstrong Swimming
Scott Arnold Fencing
Simon Asher Water Polo
Emmelia Ayliffe (Snook) Rowing
Christopher Bacon Judo
Andrew Baildon Swimming
Simon Baker Athletics
Robin Bakker Rowing
Lisa Barnes (Read) Gymnastics - Artistic
Dean Barton-Smith Athletics
Kathleen Bazzano (Shannon) Cycling - Road
Colin Beashel Sailing
Tracey Belbin Hockey
John Bestall Hockey 1  
Warren Birmingham Hockey 1  
Milan Blagojevic Football
Gabrielle Blythe Athletics
Lee Bodimeade Hockey 1  
Nicole Boegman Athletics
Mitch Booth Sailing 1  
Ray Borner Basketball
Mark Bosnich Football
Glenn Bourke Sailing
Deborah Bowman-Sullivan Hockey
Mark Bradtke Basketball
Nicole Bradtke (Provis) Tennis 1  
Cathy Brain (Grainger) Judo
Christine Bridge (Wiklund) Sailing
Ian Brown Swimming
Cris Brown Wrestling - Freestyle
Damian Brown Weightlifting
Philip Bryant Swimming
Addy Bucek Sailing
Sharon Buchanan (Patmore) Hockey
Jennifer Byrne Tennis
Gillian Campbell (Cull) Rowing
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Did you know?

Bill Roycroft carried the Flag in the Opening Ceremony in Mexico City 1968 and his son Wayne carried the Flag in Los Angeles 1984.