Atlanta 1996

Australian Athletes At The Games


Athlete Name Sport Medals
Richard Weiss Wrestling - Freestyle
Jenny Whittle Basketball
Loudy Wiggins (Tourky) Diving
Paul Wiggins Athletics
Brooke Wilkins Softball
David Wilkinson Judo
Jeff Williams Baseball
Bryan Wilson Shooting
Andy Wilson Canoe/Kayak - Slalom
Anna Windsor Swimming
Jade Winter Swimming
Peter Winter Athletics
Anna Wood (Cox) Canoe/Kayak - Flatwater
Todd Woodbridge Tennis
Mark Woodforde Tennis
Robert Woods Cycling - MTB
Dean Woods Cycling - Track
Annette Woodward (Windsor) Shooting
Woodward Danielle Canoe/Kayak - Slalom
Angie Woodward (Kennedy) Swimming 1  
Song Yang Badminton
Michael York Hockey
Lee Zahner Beach Volleyball
Len Zaslavsky Wrestling - Freestyle
Xue Ni Zhou Table Tennis
Stella Zhou Table Tennis
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Did you know?

Australia and Greece are the only two countries to have competed in every edition of the Modern Olympic Games.