Atlanta 1996

Australian Athletes At The Games


Athlete Name Sport Medals
Brian Power Judo
Julien Prosser Beach Volleyball
Sean Quilty Athletics
Pat Reidy Basketball
Robert Renney Wrestling - Freestyle
Nicole Richardson Softball 1  
Kate Richardson (Anderson) Athletics
Sam Riley Swimming 1   1  
Kylie Risk Athletics
Annmaree Roberts Shooting
Rohan Robinson Athletics
Clint Robinson Canoe/Kayak - Flatwater 1  
Jane Robinson Rowing
Melanie Roche Softball 1  
Danni Roche Hockey 1  
Phil Rogers Swimming 1  
Jodie Rogers Diving
Gil Rolton Equestrian - Eventing 1  
Tony Ronaldson Basketball
Richard Rowles Boxing
Vicki Roycroft Equestrian - Jumping
Dion Russell Athletics
Matt Ryan Equestrian - Eventing
Sarah Ryan Swimming 1  
Shelley Sandie (Gorman) Basketball 1  
Ben Sandstrom Shooting
Yurik Sarkisian Weightlifting
Louise Sauvage Athletics
Jane Saville Athletics
Kerry Saxby-Junna Athletics
Wendy Schaeffer Equestrian - Eventing 1  
Carolyn Schuwalow Athletics
Robert Scott Rowing 1  
Andrew Scott Baseball
Peter Scott Canoe/Kayak - Flatwater
Simon Sheldon-Collins Baseball
Matthew Sheldon-Collins Baseball
Lisa Skinner Gymnastics - Artistic
Matthew Smith Hockey 1  
Grant Smith Hockey 1  
Jenny Smith Gymnastics - Artistic
Mark Smythe Table Tennis
Ron Snook Rowing 1  
Joe Spiteri Football
Rachael Sporn Basketball 1  
Anita Spring (Palm) Beach Volleyball
Daniel Sproule Hockey 1  
Jay Stacy Hockey 1  
Paul Staight Badminton
Kathryn Starre Hockey 1  

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Did you know?

Australia has hosted the Olympic Games twice – Melbourne 1956 and Sydney 2000.