Atlanta 1996

Australian Athletes At The Games


Athlete Name Sport Medals
Lisa Campbell (Bryant) Badminton
Dean Capobianco Athletics
Sean Carlin Athletics
Stuart Carruthers Hockey 1  
Lisa Carruthers (Powell) Hockey 1  
Luke Casserly Football
Rhonda Cator Badminton
Baeden Choppy Hockey 1  
Michelle Chandler (Cleary) Basketball 1  
Paul Cleary Athletics
Daniel Collins Canoe/Kayak - Flatwater 1  
Nat Cook Beach Volleyball 1  
Simon Coombs Swimming
Kim Cooper (Maguire) Softball 1  
David Cooper Equestrian - Jumping
Steve Corica Football
Daniela Costian Athletics
Duane Cousins Athletics
Justann Crawford Boxing
Shaun Creighton Athletics
Sharon Cripps Athletics
Margaret Crowley (Leaney) Athletics
Carolyn Crudgington Softball 1  
David Cunningham Shooting
Andrew Currey Athletics
Lou Currey (McPaul) Athletics 1  
Jeni Danks (Lidgett) Sailing
Mary Grigson Cycling - MTB
Stephen Davies Hockey 1  
Scott Dawes Baseball
Jason Day Rowing
Rod de Highden Athletics
Helen Denman Swimming 1  
Steven Dewick Swimming 1  
Michael Diamond Shooting 1  
Kerry Dienelt Softball 1  
Damon Diletti Hockey 1  
Carly Dixon Judo
Louise Dobson Hockey 1  
Ben Dodwell Rowing
John Dorge Basketball
Mark Doubleday Baseball
Brennon Dowrick Gymnastics - Artistic
Lachie Dreher Hockey 1  
Matt Dunn Swimming
Phillip Dutton Equestrian - Eventing 1  
Peta Edebone Softball 1  
Anthony Edwards Rowing 1  
Lachlan Elmer Hockey 1  
Robert Enes Football

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Synchronised Swimming began as a sport for men in the 1800s. It became an Olympic sport in 1984 but it is only open to women.