Sydney 2000

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The official logo featured the stylised image of a runner in motion and was designed by leading Melbourne graphic design firm, FHA Image Design.

The bid logo featured a stylised image of the Sydney Opera House and was designed by Michael Bryce whose wife Quentin would become Governor of Queensland in 2003 and Governor-General of Australia in 2008.


The motto of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games was Share the Spirit


There were three official mascots of the Sydney Games"

Syd the Platypus — 'Syd' was named for 'Sydney', the host city for the Games
Millie the Echidna — 'Millie' was named for 'Millennium'
Olly the Kookaburra — 'Olly' was named for 'Olympics'

Coins into Medals

Australian 1 and 2 cent coins which were taken out of circulation in 1991 were melted down and made into the bronze medals given out at the Games.