State Olympic Councils

Australia's Olympians and the Australian Olympic Committee are represented in seven states and territories around Australia.


Patrick MillsIn 1979, at a special meeting of representatives from interested sporting organisations and government agencies, a steering committee was formed to investigate the creation of an Olympic body to represent the ACT.


Dani SamuelsThe New South Wales Olympic Council is committed to supporting athletes in the pursuit of their dreams. All our activities go to the Australian Olympic Team Fund and help spread the message of the Olympic Movement.


Nat CookThe QOC’s aim is to spread and maintain the ideals of the Olympic Movement through education and the development of Queensland based Australian athletes, encouraging both high performance sport and sport for all.


Anna MearesThe South Australian Olympic Council assists the development of athletes so they can reach their full potential and compete in Olympic Games. It supports these athletes before, during and after the Olympic Games.


Eddie OckendenThe Tasmanian Olympic Council works with athletes of all ages promoting sport and the Olympic movement. It is actively involved in assisting Tasmanian athletes to achieve their goal of competing in Olympic Games.


Lydia Lassila wins gold VOC The Victorian Olympic Council represents the Olympic Movement throughout Victoria. We create opportunities to share in the ideals and aspirations of the Olympic athlete through participation in Olympic experiences, education programs, volunteering and fundraising activities in support of the Australian Olympic Team.


Steve HookerThe Western Australian Olympic Council was established in 1947, playing a vital role in raising funds to support WA athletes selected for the 1948 Olympic Games. It has continued helping its local athletes since that time.