The AOC is committed to Australia's athletes and encourages the development of high performance sport through athlete support and funding initiatives. Our role also extends to spreading the Olympic spirit and ideals throughout the wider community, even in the years between Olympic Games.

It is our responsibility to select, send and fund Australian Teams to the Olympic Summer and Winter Games.

The AOC is an Incorporated Association whose members are the national bodies of sports on the Olympic program. State Olympic Councils represent the AOC in every State and Territory.

The AOC is a non-profit organisation, independent of Government and Government funding other than contributions by State Governments to the Olympic Team Appeal.

AOC Funding is derived from income distributions from the Australian Olympic Foundation, grants from the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the licensing and sponsorship activities of the AOC and fundraising by the AOC, State Olympic Councils and their Corporate Appeal Committees.

The AOC is committed to the education of Australia's youth through programs including a school resource kit, the annual Pierre de Coubertin Awards and State & National Australian Olympic Academies.