Olympic Insignia Protection

The Australian Olympic Committee welcomes the passing of the Olympic Insignia Protection Amendment Act 2001 by the federal parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The Act is provided below for your information.

Pursuant to the Olympic Insignia Protection Act, the AOC maintains a Register of Licences granted in respect of Protected Olympic Designs and Protected Olympic Expressions.

Register of Licenses Granted by the AOC

Olympic Insignia Protection Act 1987

Olympic Insignia Protection Amendment Bill 1993 Table of Provisions

Olympic Insignia Protection Amendment Act 2001

Act No. 27 of 1987 as Amended

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AOC Marketing & Brand Guidelines

Access to the AOC Marketing & Brand Guidelines is restricted to authorised sponsors, licensees and AOC personnel. In order to access the Guidelines, please contact:

Megan Hor
AOC Commercial Manager

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