Yvette Higgins

1978 -

Yvette Higgins won a gold medal for Australia in women’s water polo at Sydney 2000. Higgins holds a special place in Olympic sporting history: it was her goal with 1.3 seconds remaining in the final which gave Australia victory as women’s water polo debuted at the Games. Australia had been tied 3-3 with the United States when Higgins rifled a shot from outside the seven metre line into the back of the net, sending the 17,000-strong crowd and the nation into a frenzy. From New South Wales, Higgins was one of the younger members of the Aussie team at age 22. But having made her senior national debut at 17, the left-hander was already recognised as an international star. She scored eight goals to be Australia’s second top scorer in the tournament behind captain Bridgette Gusterson.

Olympic Results

Sydney 2000 - Summer Olympic Games

Water Polo - Women
Final Q1: 1:1, Q2: 0:1, Q3: 1:0, Q4: 2:1 USA 4-3 1st
Preliminaries Q1: 1:2, Q2: 1:2, Q3: 0:1, Q4: 0:4 KAZ 9-2 Win
Preliminaries Q1: 2:1, Q2: 1:1, Q3: 2:1, Q4: 1:0 RUS 6-3 Win
Preliminaries Q1: 2:1, Q2: 1:1, Q3: 0:2, Q4: 2:0 NED 5-4 Win
Preliminaries Q1: 2:2, Q2: 1:0, Q3: 2:4, Q4: 1:1 USA 7-6 Win
Preliminaries Q1: 0:1, Q2: 2:4, Q3: 1:2, Q4: 1:2 CAN 4-9 Win
Semi Final Q1: 2:3, Q2: 1:1, Q3: 1:2, Q4: 3:0 RUS 7-6 Win  
Final Placing 1 / 6