Sarah Bombell

Sarah Bombell was selected in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Team alongside her best friend and regular duet partner, Eloise Amberger. Bombell and Amberger missed selection for Athens in 2004 but have excelled since, including winning bronze at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi. They achieved their dream of competing as a duet in London, their second Olympic Games. The pair, who have matching Southern Cross tattoos on their right feet and salute each other before every swim, came 23rd in the duet, whilst finishing eighth in the team event. Bombell has appeared in a number of shows, displays and commercials through her synchronised swimming.

Olympic Results

2012 London

Duet - Women
Technical Routine 77.400 23
Free Routine Preliminary TP: 154.880 77.480 23
Final Placing 23 / 24
Team - Women
Free Routine Final TP: 154.93 77.430 8
Technical Routine 77.500 8
Final Placing 8 / 8

2008 Beijing

Team - Women
Technical Routine 40.417 7th
Free Routine - Final TP: 82.167; 7th 41.750 7th
Final Placing 7 / 8

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