Samantha Reid

Samatha Reid made her Olympic debut at the 2008 Beijing. Aged just 19, the Queenslander was the smallest member of the team. Her 158cm frame means she has to hold herself a little higher to match the other swimmers, but helps when doing lifts. Reid and the Australians placed seventh in the team event in 2008. Reid went on to make her second Olympic Team for the London 2012 Games where the team finished eighth.

Olympic Results

2012 London

Team - Women
Free Routine Final TP: 154.93 77.430 8
Technical Routine 77.500 8
Final Placing 8 / 8

2008 Beijing

Team - Women
Technical Routine 40.417 7th
Free Routine - Final TP: 82.167; 7th 41.750 7th
Final Placing 7 / 8